Rose quartz Arrow necklace + pink Amethyst rosary


Rose quartz Arrow necklace + pink Amethyst rosary beaded chain
♥ designed by Simona Mar

♥ PLEASE NOTE: each stone is different in size and shape.


♥ chain: Wire wrapped brass chain with natural pink amethyst
♥ rose quartz arrow penant
♥ arrow size: approx 3cm
♥ length apx: 22.5" (57cm)

About rose quartz:

- Unconditional Love Stone
- Infinite Peace
- Open your Heart for New Feelings
- Ideal Talisman Stone

Rose quartz:

THE Crystal of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Rose Quartz is THE ultimate emotional balancer.
Heals the Heart Chakra and keeps it open to Love.

Will heal all conditions involving a lack of self-worth or self-love, following the belief that every negativity comes from a lack of self-love.
Dissolves toxic blockages on every level: emotional physical, mental and cellular.

Someone feeling a little emotionally raw may begin to cry gently if given Rose Quartz; this is healthy and normal.

Is the stone of LOVE. Every child should be given Rose Quartz for making the journey!

If working with strong crystal energies, Rose Quartz is practically essential to have present.

Rose Quartz is, by nature, very sensitive and empathic. It will therefore need cleansing if working hard, to maintain a strong vibration.

Rose Quartz is incredible feminine and nurturing.

There are also quite a few tales of Rose Quartz literally breaking / shattering in situations where someone ’should’ have been physically hurt.
A near-miss road accident, fall..
The crystal can self-sacrifice to absorb the impact.

Main Chakra: Heart to Crown
Planet: Venus
Vibrates to the number: 8
Element: All
Astrological Sign: Libra and Taurus

by Simona Mar