Prasiolite Green Amethyst Quartz Pendant - Inner Vision, Power, Love and Compassion


"AQUA" Prasiolite Green Amethyst Crystal Point Pendant Necklace
♥ handmade ♥ designed by Simona Mar

♥ PLEASE NOTE: each stone is different in size and shape. Now with a different chain like in the first photo.


♥ soldered raw brass chain
♥ Prasiolite, green amethyst crystal point ♥ natural semi precious stone from Brasil
♥ length apx: 19"
♥ stone size apx: 2cm wide/ 3cm long

About Prasiolite, the green amethyst:

Element: Earth element

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Energies: Inner Vision, Power, Love and Compassion.

Zodiac: Prasiolite is not associated with any particular zodiac sign.

Dispatched from Romania.

by Simona Mar